Community partners are local Camden stakeholders that wish to support the Young Camden Foundation and our aims. This may include local businesses local statutory partners (such as Police, Health or local authority) or larger Voluntary and Charity organisations that are outside of the membership criteria.


  • An exciting opportunity to be involved with local initiatives in your community
  • Promote volunteering and community engagement to your staff
  • Connecting with partners and networking opportunities
  • Participating in fundraising initiatives to support local programmes
  • Promote positive social initiatives providing youth with new opportunities
  • Supporting diversionary initiatives aimed at reducing crime and antisocial behaviour as well as promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Providing and supporting employability pathways for young people


  • Local stakeholder with a link to Camden (such as a business based in, or with an office in Camden)
  • Are committed to the mission, vision and aims of the Young Camden Foundation.
  • Are committed to support capacity of the members of the Young Camden Foundation
  • Contribute to local fundraising initiatives
  • Contribute to the development of a platform for shared venue and delivery space including being prepared to offer these spaces where appropriate


Name *
As part of your application you must provide the names and contact details of two people authorised to act on behalf of your organisation. One should be the most senior member of staff such as the CEO or Managing Director, the other should be Chair or authorised member of your Board of Trustees or Management Committee. If your application is successful, these two contacts will act as the signatories for the formal membership agreement. By submitting your application to join the Young Camden Foundation membership you hereby declare that: 1. You are authorised to act on behalf of your organisation and therefore submit this application. 2. You confirm that this application has been agreed and authorised by your governing body. 3. You certify that the information in this application is correct and any supporting information is current, accurate and approved by your organisation 4. You acknowledge that you provide any misleading or inaccurate information or withhold any information throughout the application process, it may make your application invalid. 5. You understand that this application form and any subsequent information provided will be retained on record by the Young Camden Foundation. 6. You acknowledge that membership of the Foundation does not automatically make you eligible for Grants or other sources of funding. 7. Your organisation is compliant with any and all legal requirements and demonstrates a commitment to work towards effective governance and approved quality standards. 8. Your organisation either has or is committed to producing policies that are systematically implemented and reviewed as appropriate