Membership to the Young Camden Foundation is open to voluntary and community groups (including faith and sports groups) that work with children, young people and their families who live in the London Borough of Camden.


  • Access to an online database of venues that you could be used to deliver services and special projects

  • The opportunity to join consortia’s when appropriate, to bid for larger pots of funding and develop joint initiatives
  • The opportunity to apply to a Small Grant fund
  • Networking events and other forums to meet other groups working with children and young people in the London Borough of Camden
  • Ongoing support from the Young Camden Foundation

Membership Requirements

  • You are a non-profit organisation that serves Children and Young People aged 0-19 (25 for those who are vulnerable or with learning difficulties) and their families in the London Borough of Camden.
  • You must have an annual turnover of no more than £5,000,000.
  • You must be committed to work together with the Young Camden Foundation and members to deliver on mission and vision statements to enhance the lives of Camden Children, Young people and their families.
  • Your organisation demonstrates a commitment to work towards effective governance and approved quality standards.
  • Your organisation complies with legal requirements and is committed to producing policies that are systematically implemented and reviewed as appropriate
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