There is an old African proverb that "it takes a village to raise a child" and this is the ethos of the Young Camden Foundation. 

The Young Camden Foundation is an exciting and innovative new cross-sector partnership, bringing the voluntary and community sector, businesses, funders and the public sector together as a community, to improve the opportunities and choices for Camden’s young people.

Our members, a vibrant cross-sector group of organisations, are committed to working collaboratively to support Camden’s dynamic youth sector, looking at new and innovative ways to supporting and empowering our young people

We are committed to improving opportunities and choices for our local young people and believe they need the chance to learn and have fun within not only families and formal education, but also within their wider communities. We want to enable them to build positive relationships across different ages, cultures and backgrounds which in turn leads to broader networks and increased resilience, confidence and life skills. 

We believe it is so vital, now more than ever that all of us need to take responsibility for ensuring the best possibly future for young people and we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone in Camden to be a part of this.

If you work with young people or just have an interest in supporting young people we want you to be part of the conversation - Join Us

In Camden, as across the country, there has been a significant reduction in funding for youth services.This has meant that opportunities for young people have significantly diminished and many youth organisations are at risk of closing.

There are huge social and economic inequalities across Camden and young people are acutely aware of disparities in wealth around them.  32% of children are estimated to live in poverty with some wards amongst the most deprived in the country.

The Young Camden Foundation was influenced by a huge and passionate response to a consultation by young people, showing how passionate young people in Camden are about their services and their futures.


To bring together the voluntary sector, public sector, philanthropy and business community in Camden to create and promote activities that are fun, reduce barriers and provide better access to opportunities for all young people in Camden.

To ensure all children and young people grow as healthy, resilient, employable adults who play an active role in their community.


The Young Camden foundation exists to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the charitable activities of not-for-profit organisations, voluntary groups and charities working with children and young people and operating in the London Borough of Camden. Some of the ways we will do this is by:

  1. Supporting the co-ordination of both existing charitable and non-charitable agencies that provide play and youth support services to children and young people, and supporting capacity building where necessary.
  2. Sharing a common goal to focus on outcomes and evidence based approaches to ensure the needs of young people are met, and to support the development of their resilience in order to maximise their life chances
  3. Liaising with, and acting as a forum for the exchange of information between, agencies working with children and young people in order to identify gaps in the range of charitable services available to the children and young people they serve.


The key objectives of the Young Camden Foundation are;

  • Working towards a shared vision to tackle some of the most complex issues facing young people in Camden.
  • Making the best use of the expansive and diverse areas of expertise and experience available locally.
  • Strengthening partnerships between play and youth voluntary and community sector organisations, and ensuring that they continue to deliver quality support services
  • Maximising the opportunity to pool resources together to produce the best outcomes for children and young people in Camden.
  • Ensuring a diverse range of young people have a strong say in shaping the youth offer in Camden.